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Hotel Management & Operations

Hotel Management & Operations

It’s a matter of quality! Smart hotel management is the key to achieving high performance. From the simplest to the most complex functions everything must be efficient, save time and ensure a peaceful daily routine. The goal, in any case, is to ensure that your activities will remain effective with the use of the least possible resources, matching 100% of the requirements of your guests.

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Optima team undertakes responsibly and professionally the complete management and consulting for all the daily activities related to the operation of your hotel, from the management of reservations and guest reviews to the cooperation with the suppliers and the automation of your tax obligations. 

By using modern technological tools and designing the right strategy, we achieve the reduction of staff workload, strengthen the effective interaction with the visitor and provide practical solutions that help your business grow and achieve maximum profit.

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Reservation management system

Reservation efficiency is the No. 1 priority for any accommodation business. In collaboration with your booking manager, we provide complete booking management through an integrated system that achieves both the collection of bookings by guests according to the predetermined times and methods of repayment, as well as the daily supervision, agreement, and checkout of the booking department. Along with the daily control of the correctness of the collection of balances from visitors, you can accurately monitor your sales.


Increase the reviews

Managing your guest’s reviews is a pure treasure of information with tremendous value. For this reason, it is a priority to develop a methodical plan that encourages evaluations of your accommodation, to enhance the credibility of your business most effectively.   

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Cooperation with suppliers

A functional and efficient relationship with your suppliers is an investment that every hotel must make. For this reason, we undertake the control of the weekly agreement of the suppliers/agents tab for the acceleration of the repayment of the credits of your accommodation and at the same time, the collection of other suppliers/agents according to the predetermined times and payment methods.

In the same context, we undertake the supply market research and receipt of offers from potential suppliers as well as the evaluation of suppliers to achieve the goals we have set.

Our advisory guidance on exporting the cost of dishes and drinks on the menu in collaboration with the cuisine and bar manager and setting the profit / gross margin for the menus of the food sections is another detail that makes the difference in the final profit that your services bring you.

Automation of tax procedures

Modernizing the procedures you follow to carry out your daily tax obligations saves significant time and ensures security and long-term peace for every hotel owner.

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That is why Optima team undertakes, in addition to the interface with the mydata electronic invoice software by AADE, the full daily control and verification of the correct issuance of tax documents (invoices and receipts) for the sale of rooms, as well as the monthly shipment to an accounting of foreign invoices related to intra-community transactions and ensures for your time, security and information through weekly reports for the movement of your income from the reservations you make.

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