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Arco Naxos



Organisation, hotel management and business consulting

The utilization of the natural wealth of Greece through innovative tourist services, which highlight the natural environment and offer unique opportunities for unforgettable holidays, is a combination of professional genius and art. 

This is the purpose of Optima team from 2017 until today. Based in Naxos, Optima provides a complete set of services for the hotel management, consulting, and marketing promotion of every business in the field of hospitality, which allows any business to leap into the constantly evolving environment of the Greek tourism market.

Through innovative analysis, market research, and the use of state-of-art technological software, Optima develops the capabilities of each business, maximizes its profits, and creates the conditions to take a leading role in the competition.


Ioanna Karamani is the CEO & Founder of Your Optima Lodging Evolution. She was born and raised in Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades, a very popular tourist destination for Greeks and foreign visitors. The fact played a decisive role for her to get in touch from the very first years with the values of hospitality and to gradually immerse herself in the core of the tourism industry. 

Now, she counts more than a decade as a professional in the hospitality industry, with important collaborations and completed projects by her in many islands of the Cyclades.

Ιωάννα Καραμανή CEO

Her vision is to showcase a new perspective in the field of hospitality, through integrated solutions that incorporate innovations, but still, give priority to the human factor.

With the principles of organization, constant development, and love for the business, she and her team put the foundations every day for the creation of high-quality hotel facilities, the promotion of authentic hospitality, so that every guest can experience the Greek life and become its ambassador.

Why with Optima

  • High-quality services
  • Update software & e-tools
  • Guaranteed results
  • Personal contact with our partners
  • Confidence
  • Continuous evolution

Aegean Land

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